Changing the Intergenerational Pathway of Trauma

Barbara Jessing, LIMHP

In our work with young children, we find challenges to engaging parents and supporting their changes. In this presentation, we will explore the pathway that can carry the imprint of trauma from one generation to the next. That same pathway can facilitate the transmission of intergenerational and cultural resilience. As we understand this framework, we can learn new ways to uncover hope and strength in parents, for the benefit of the children we serve. We intend for this presentation to give you some practical skills to strengthen a collaborative relationship with parents.

Intended Audience

Home visitors, early childhood education professionals, and early chidlhood mental health providers.

Learning Objectives
  • Recognize adult manifestations of past and continuing trauma which may interfere in present parenting
  • Adopt a trauma sensitive, relational approach to carrying out early childhood services
  • Recognize intergenerational and cultural sources of resilience
  • Learn strategies for eliciting hope and a future orientation for parents