Nebraska Early Childhood Strategic Plan: A Dynamic Plan By and for Nebraskans

Susan Sarver, Ph.D.

The Nebraska Early Childhood Strategic Plan is an intentional and dynamic plan for improving the early childhood experiences of children birth through age 8. The strategic plan is based on findings from a comprehensive needs assessment in 2019 and active engagement of stakeholders across the state. The overarching vision is to provide all Nebraska children and their families with access to quality early childhood services that support children's healthy development from birth through age 8. Please join us in this session and provide feedback on how the plan's goals, objectives, and strategies reflect your community. Your feedback will be used to help update the plan and its strategies.

Intended Audience

Parents, early childhood educators, and community members.

Learning Objectives

You will leave the presentation understanding:

  • Key terminology of the Nebraska Early Childhood Strategic Plan
  • The values underlying the plan’s vision and goals
  • How the plan relates to the work you do and the children and families you serve
  • How to engage with others in your networks and communities to share, refine, and implement the plan