Nebraska Home Visiting Initiatives Panel

Stephanni Renn, M.A.

30,0000 Of Nebraskans infants and toddlers live in households where parents struggle to provide consistent, high-quality learning experiences. Evidence shows that families that participate in home visiting programs, which focus on strengthening vulnerable families and children under age 5, are often more self-sufficient and better able to handle the challenges of parenting and to raise healthier, safer children.

In this session, participants will learn about Nebraska's home visitation initiatives. Participants will gain a better understanding of each initiatives programs design, services, funding source, eligibility, and unique components.

Intended Audience

This session is ideal for school representatives, early childhood educators, medical/health and mental health professionals, judges, caseworkers, services providers, and family members.

Learning Objectives
  • At the conclusion of this session, participants will recognize the nuances of Nebraska's home visitation initiatives.