Stress, ACEs, Covid‐19: Now What?

Mark Hald, Ph.D.

The session will review Adverse Childhood Experiences and the impact of stress on development domains 0 to 3. One significant stressor we have all been dealing with the last two years is the impact that COVID-19 has had on each of us, our children, our loved one, our coworkers, etc. What is the impact and how is that affecting myself and others? My work? The children? What can I do? Why does the impact affect each of us in different ways? How might compassion for self and others impact both my professional and personal lives. This sessions entertains these questions and explores the use of mindfulness and reflection.

Intended Audience


Learning Objectives
  • Be able to name and understand the various adverse childhood experiences.
  • Reflect on various developmental stressors, be aware of the impact of those on child development, and be able to the impact on relationships between children and everyone who cares for them.
  • Consider and reflect on the stress that COVID-19 has had on one's own personal life and better appreciate that same impact for others.
  • Think about and be able to engage in conversation about how adverse childhood experiences and various stressful, sometimes traumatic events interferes with normal developmental trajectories.