Generational Trauma- A Case Study

Breakout Session

Generational Trauma- A Case Study

Speaker(s): Machaela Hackendahl
Date & Time:
Tue, Jun 25, 2024 | 2:20 - 3:30pm CDT
Room: Diamond 7 (Map)

About this session

Track: Trauma and Resiliency of the Developing Child
Audience level: Foundational

Working with families it is not uncommon to encounter trauma within their lives and treatment plan around that.  However, generational trauma is often overlooked, and all too often plays a very important role into how that adult functions in daily life.  This session will utilize a case study to look at the importance of acknowledging generational trauma and process through what can be done about it to help bring healing to that family unit.  

Intended Audience: any professional who works with families

Learning objectives

  • What is generational trauma?
  • How can multidisciplinary teams be utilized to identify generational trauma
  • Participants will learn about therapeutic modalities and interventions to address generational trauma.
  • Participants will learn how untreated generational trauma within a family unit can harm the attachment and development of young children.