How to Talk to Kids About Body Safety, Boundaries and Sexual Abuse

Breakout Session

How to Talk to Kids About Body Safety, Boundaries and Sexual Abuse

Speaker(s): Christy Prang
Date & Time:
Wed, Jun 26, 2024 | 9:00 - 10:10am CDT
Room: Ruby 7 (Map)

About this session

Track: Trauma and Resiliency of the Developing Child
Audience level: Intermediary

People who sexually abuse children specifically target children who don't have the skills to talk about it. They use this lack of knowledge to keep them silent, shamed, and compliant. Having age-appropriate, open conversations about our bodies, sex, and boundaries is an important step in protecting children. This presentation will teach participants how to talk with and listen to children about sexual abuse and personal safety. This presentation will also teach adults how to react responsibly to a child if they make the choice to disclose and how to make a report. 

Intended Audience: Any professional working with children and, also designed for parents.

Learning objectives

  • Participants will learn proper body safety terminology to use when teaching children and parent
  • Understand normal to problematic sexual behaviors
  • Discuss participants experiences with disclosures with young children and how to react responsibly to a disclosure
  • Identify  resources within the community, print materials and websites professionals and parents can access.