Impact from Infancy: A Model of Court Intervention

Breakout Session

Impact from Infancy: A Model of Court Intervention

Date & Time:
Tue, Jun 25, 2024 | 3:50 - 5:00pm CDT
Room: Ruby 5 (Map)

About this session

Track: Improving Systems to Support Young Children
Audience level: Foundational

This training will provide a comprehensive understanding of the impact of the Child Welfare System on children under 5. You will gain a better understanding of the effect that trauma has on a young child’s ability to develop secure attachments. You will also gain insight into how Project Harmony, through the Impact from Infancy program, is specifically assisting children under 5 in the Douglas County Juvenile Court System. This training will look at the history of the Impact from Infancy program, the goals of the program, and how this program is implemented within Douglas County. Participants will walk away with a greater understanding of how trauma impacts children under 5 and with a model of court intervention that they can implement within their county.

Intended Audience: Anyone who works with young children in the Juvenile Court System

Learning objectives

  • Describe the effects that trauma has on young children within the child welfare system.
  • Recognize the important of attachment in a child’s early development.
  • Explore the development of the Impact from Infancy Program in the Douglas County Juvenile Court System.
  • Discover how the Impact from Infancy program is implemented in the Douglas County Juvenile Court System and how this can be transitioned into other counties.