Parents Interacting With Infants (PIWI) in Nebraska

Breakout Session

Parents Interacting With Infants (PIWI) in Nebraska

Tue, Jun 25, 2024 | 3:50 - 5:00pm CDT

About this session

Track: Early Childhood Services
Audience level: Foundational

Parents Interacting With Infants (PIWI) is an evidence-based set of practices based on a philosophy about families, children, and helping relationships. The objectives of PIWI are to increase confidence, competence, and positive relationships for parents and children ages 0-2. The primary use of PIWI is in parent-child play groups and in home visitation, but it has also been used successfully in other settings such as library story time. This session will help participants understand what PIWI is, receive an overview of the skills used in PIWI implementation, and learn the process of getting trained as a facilitator and implementing in their community.

Intended Audience: all