Successful Collaboration Between DHHS and EDN Services

Breakout Session

Successful Collaboration Between DHHS and EDN Services

Wed, Jun 26, 2024 | 9:00 - 10:10am CDT

About this session

Track: Improving Systems to Support Young Children
Audience level: Foundational

This session will discuss how DHHS and EDN can collaborate together successfully. We will discuss the process in which DHHS receives referrals and how they provide information about the EDN program to families during their intake process. We will share how EDN collaborates with DHHS once they receive the referral and both support the family through the entirety of a family's case. We will highlight the ongoing collaboration between DHHS, EDN and other community partners to build positive relationships.

Intended Audience: Caseworkers, CASAs, EDN providers, Head Start Personnel, School representatives, Early childhood educators, Home visitors, and Family members.

Learning objectives

  • The process between DHHS receiving an intake for a child and making a referral to EDN.
  • The Collaboration between CFS and EDN
  • Building strong community relationships.