Traffic Stop: Human Division

Breakout Session

Traffic Stop: Human Division

Tue, Jun 25, 2024 | 10:40 - 11:50am CDT
Tue, Jun 25, 2024 | 2:20 - 3:30pm CDT

About this session

Track: Advocating for Young Children
Audience level: Foundational

Human Trafficking is an issue in Nebraska, especially for our young children and vulnerable youth. Awareness and prevention are key since only 1% of trafficked individuals get out of the bondage. Even though this topic is overwhelming, the public and our children are better served by banding together and doing what we can to prevent human trafficking or provide support for survivors. 

Intended Audience: educators, medical professionals, attorneys, CASA, mental health professionals

Learning objectives

  • Know the prevalence of human trafficking in Nebraska and why prevention is key.
  • Be able to identify signs that trafficking may be occurring.
  • Resiliency in Children and Trauma informed interactions with vulnerable persons
  • Identifying options to prevent trafficking
  • Resources for identified survivors and families